Cinematography by Uffe Mulvad

Uffe Mulvad is a renowned cinematographer and a passionate storyteller with a sharp eye for detail and aesthetics. Uffe’s versatility in his work makes him unique and opens up possibilities in a wide range of film genres and styles. He is particularly valued for his clear awareness of camera placement, expression, and lens choice, which enables him to create striking visual narratives that are finely tuned to stylistic choices suitable for the film format.

Worth noting is that Uffe is one of the few photographers in Norway who holds a commercial diver certification (Certificate A) and practices underwater filmmaking at a professional level. He is also one of the very few cinematographers who has training in and experience with programming the motion control “robot arm” Bolt LT.

With an unusual career that started as a blacksmith, Uffe has created magic behind the camera for many years, working extensively with everything from commercials and fashion films to short films, fiction, and documentaries. In June 2020, he graduated from The Norwegian Film School with two final films; the short film “Papapa,” which was nominated for a Student Oscar, and the documentary “Please Wait.” Both films emphasize his ability to capture the unspoken in the narrative and the emotions at play, which has resulted in recognition from film festivals around the world.

His personal project, “INGA,” along with many other works, have not only been showcased at prestigious festivals around the world but have also won numerous awards, attesting to his talent and dedication to the art of filmmaking. Uffe continues to explore the boundaries of the film medium and looks forward to bringing new stories to life that touch, challenge, and inspire

Cinematography by Uffe Mulvad
Uffe Mulvad