Director: Uffe Mulvad

DOP: Uffe Mulvad
Productions company: Uffe Mulvad & New Tales


A short documentary portrait about Inga

Through her memoirs, Inga reflects about love, old age and death. We are invited into her home, as she doing her morning rituals and baths in the cold lake. The short portrait shows in artistic and intimate pictures, a day in a life, how it’s like being old and what it means for Inga.

Special mention

“A poetic and charming short movie. Uffe Mulvad shoot in an

anticonformist way, a little shocking and sexy, an excentric old lady:

the art of perverting gently film codes of youth and old age.”


“I just watched Inga and think it is so special and beautiful, using limbs as a lector is brilliant. Inga’s thoughts on love with your shot selections create unique juxtapositions that really excited me. Who knew legs could say so much about love!?”

Angie Driscoll
Senior International Programmer
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

Short film